'Tis not what we give, but what we share
for the gift without the giver is bare'

I wished for love
just like the first
and I got just what I asked for
The gift without the giver indeed is bare

and into the void
I fall again
to watch the world
in altered spin

as I, the force of hurricane
clear the path of lifetime's pain
I drift within the center's calm
and find the peace of healing balm

within the words of one true friend
and start to climb back home again
for wherever my heart bids me go
'tis there that I must follow

blindly climbing steep incline
seeking source of love sublime
I reach a place of elven splendor
a meadow serves as the reminder

enclosed by Aspens reaching high
for source of nature's lullaby
and wonder why I am alone
if this is truly home

and a stag looks out of forest's shade
as sun sinks in the west in blaze
of colors soft and radiating
the stag - the form initiating

Heart and soul and body meld
into a whole so gently held
by hands unseen, by touch so true
as moon lights up a sky deep blue

I look into the stag's deep eyes
and find the void alive
in deepest blues of sea and sky
and search for reasons why

a soul is born, a heart is broken
and hear these words so softly spoken
'never have you been alone
where'er you go is truly home…'

 This is the night that ever is
will never fade away
this is the heart that longs for bliss
of bright and shining day

These are the eyes that search the sky
for sight of dragon flying
This is the soul that longs to fly
on breeze so gently sighing

and lo, a golden dragon drifts
towards earth as heaven sifts
the hearts of men to find
a wholeness born of body/mind

aware of both the dark and light
dragon lowers wings of flight
to dive through air and reach the ground
of meadow where white bark abounds

and Aspens towering high above
receive the breeze in visions of
true love…

I swear I saw his eyes ablaze
in the golden sheen, I sought his gaze
but he looked o'er the place I stood
in solitary mood

and time stood still
as I stopped and gathered all my will
and sent it roaring through the skies
to ring above the lullabies

that lull the mind and dull the senses
I shattered every old defense
that stood between my love and I
when suddenly I caught his eye…

Then will to will, we gathered in
the power that makes worlds spin
to draw together he and she
to take the love and free

the mind from herd mentality
the soul beyond the frailties
that keep apart the one and other
that cage the fire and slowly smother

the best of all we have to give
the movement of the life we live
and somehow there, in magic's moment
I saw my love descend

From sky to earth to arms spread wide
and found in flesh the other side
as earth beat rhythm through the touch
of mind I love so much

Copyright 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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