A Gloomy Sunday

Sunday is here
and I find myself alone again

since my daughter
my youngest child
left home a few months ago

alone has taken on
a brand new meaning

no one to talk to
or care for
or hug

no one
to even share
a meal with

and the independence
I have grown to cherish
itself turns into loneliness

I tell myself I'm fine
I keep very busy
and while it's true
that a poet may enjoy their solitude
on an overcast autumn day
even that will turn itself
to a yearning for an other's presence

because Sunday is here
and I find myself alone

yet I find myself remembering
the days of my marriage
even with my children there
and my husband present

this yearning came upon me
and I must wonder
what it is
I'm really yearning for
what need is there within me
that has not yet been fulfilled?

and I attempt to see it
from another point of view
to rise above the feeling's tone

I look to nature
but nature today
is as gloomy as I

so I range further still
away from that place
in my mind that is I

and I must wonder
as I did when I was but a child
if God himself feels such yearning

on a greater scale than you or I
can even imagine
and the loneliness expands
to BEing

where to be myself
is to be every other

and with these thoughts
the loneliness is dispersed
within infinity

let go of
it is free to join the movement
and the dance
of life evolving

Sunday is here
and I find myself

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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