Waking Dream

Awake, with eyes now open wide
the dream continues, nothing hides
from souls aware of living light
from eyes attuned to spirit sight

and the rhythm of the great beat echoes
through patterns as the heartbeat slows
attuning to the greater rhyme
unfolding as the life of time

while others seek to touch the stars
earth's children come from near and far
preparing for the celebration
while a hum, an angel's incantation

vibrates in the rhythm of
an infinite, eternal love
that flows through veins and wakes the senses
rejoicing at the soul's deliverance

An opening within the fabric's weave
brings some to stay, while other's leave
and echoes of eternity
are heard within this new reality

not in some far, distant land
'tis here that truth will take its stand
to end eternal battle's cry
in earth arisen to the sky

I witness now, these things I write
my destiny, to share the sight
in words that long outlive the form
in which this soul on earth was born

Copyright 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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