A Bite of Life

Have you ever stood
among a crowd of people
noticing the loneliness
upon their silent faces
each encased by more than skin
to keep the rest at bay

and then, oh joy
a child enters in
and runs right through
all present fear of harm
or intimate communication

as smiles begin to form
upon the lips of all who see
and seeing must believe
in love again

a moment, just one moment
of the purest opening
but then the child leaves
and all the masks come down again
as loneliness descends

Masks of death
where life might be
darkness, where a light
might still be seen
glowing in those eyes
of darkness growing

that open wide in innocence
at the sight of all that they might be
and yet one thoughtful reverie
can bring our child alive again
to live and breathe within reality

Playful, unambitious
sensitive and so delicious
moving in a flow of wonderment
so magnetizing, mesmerizing
that we cannot help but take
a bite of life . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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