A Child Born

A child is born
to grow within the care
of parents arms
protected from the harm
that the world would impose
while mother's there to interpose
and mediate emotions' flows
as best she can

so sweet
the days of childhood bliss
when mom and son would kiss
in innocence
yet days and years
have passed away
and now the interplay
of love has ceased

for the child has grown
into a man
and seeds were sown
beyond the span
of love that bridges
even distant shores

for even as he ages
his life plays through these stages
and years have taught me true
that I may not now include
his inner struggles bent on resolution
with my own

and while I know
my child's grown
I'll never understand
the unreasonable demands
that now intrude
within his every mood

while his moods take him
so far away from me
when heart to soul
our destiny
is love . . .


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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