Across the Sky

The sun awakens
and suddenly we see the light
of powerful delight
taking form as rainbows ringing
all around the sun
then settling and sinking in
changing every little thing below
by filling it with joy
as utter centered stillness
drifts softly down to dance
in forms that now can dream themselves awake

Nature moves and captures all attention
focus now unfocusing as rainbows curve
in glowing arcs of splendor
and eyes grow wide to capture every hue
for melody has come to be
no more than air meandering
through treetops on a springtime day
as children laugh and play and skip
through fields of wildflowers
and we wile away the hours
as we feel this stream of poetry
flowing free as windswept breezes
carrying the sun across the sky . . .

? Michaelette?

6/18/2000 - Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano - All Rights Reserved -
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