A Daughter's Plea

Deep feelings rising
as if an endless well of hopelessness
surrounded everything I am
for you are gone
and every song I ever loved
receded into howling winds
that speak of deep, dark secrets
hovering, yet not quite clear
not yet

To want, to need
to supercede this great desire
where all I am just doesn't seem
to be enough

I rise, but then I fall
into a deep of dreamless sleep
waiting for an inspiration
that never seems to come to mind
for in my heart I find an endless ache
that you would choose to now forsake
this love of ours that I've lived for
yet never quite completed
and I know that it can never be
a completion of this love we've felt
yet still I long for endless seas of you

Perhaps this is no more than just
a simple letting go of childhood dreams
but still it seems like so much more
for these feelings overwhelm
more than my senses

I've learned of reasoning and intellect
and all that mind can thus dissect
and too, I've learned of deep desire
that burns as fire deep inside
somehow deeper than the place
where heart resides
and I know not what to do
that might just make you love me too
in ways that seem forbidden
within emotion felt unbidden

and so I try and try again
to find a way to just transcend
this want, this need, this endless ache
yet still I feel forsaken and alone
for the only home I've ever known is you
and somehow you seem to be my destiny

Oh, silly child of make-believe
I know I musn't tell
how well I love the all of thee
as spirit grows within infinity
and yet I must express just this
this love I hold so dear
without a fear of reprimand
for every man I've ever loved
and every lover I will know
must live up to the standards
of this man I love so well

Unlimited, the vast horizons
that open now to me
as I wonder how I'll ever be
my own, at last, complete . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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