A Journey

Have you ever cried
in an experience
of overpowering beauty?
So I cry now

Or angered at the touch
of those who mar its glowing form
as sorrow is transformed
into the energy to move?

Yet stopped as heart and soul
were once again invaded
and enveloped in the webs of fear
created to control and thus abuse
the very use of crystal energy?

and have you found the way
of persistent, gentle guidance
that raises even anger
to the height of heart
and then beyond
as the healing of living love
transforms it into brilliant light
that heals the many wounds
of such abuse

that loves, yet knows the plight
of those still lost in seeking
wanting and still needing so
to learn
and then the turn
and tracing back upon the path
to help another seeker to move on?

and that feeling that can overcome
as if one sinks or is sucked up
by forces dark as night
that seek control of souls
or the battle that ensues
to save not one
but both your souls
from disenchanted memories
that seem to bleed the heart
from all of life

and then to find a point
of just allowing
that other soul to drift away
to live the choices it has made
as pain expands and then releases
primordial, even primal bonds
that sought no more than just a form
of solitary, singular
oft' lonely repetition
of mistakes that cannot seem to make
their way into the greater light

that point of letting go
of even love
to try to rise above
the great miasma thus entailed
and seeking then to gather in
yet once again
the pieces of your soul
that had been scattered
on the stormy winds that blew
all sense of peace away?

If so, then you and I
are one in heart and soul
and need to come to know
each other well


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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