A Last Goodbye

They never want to speak of their own death
even now, in this most awesome state
of overwhelming realms of pure awareness
for they are caught within
this sphere of transformation
and taken, in totality, by the act of letting go

as death turns into life eternally
and they reach a peak of purity
at the center of all contradiction
murmuring confessions
as the ancient past rolls by
at extraordinary speeds

for they are leaving
though they long to stay engaged
in a life of ever, never alteration
and here they are suspended
just in between the here and there
until the angels sing
their soul back home

but still they haven't quite let go
for memories of love from long ago
arise again as if this love were new
and few the souls who dare let go of this
especially this - the bliss
of touch, of kiss, of ecstasy
and the warm embrace of loving arms
found only in the density of form

I feel you in the shadows
watching me, all through the night
and even in the air of daylight's dream
I know you are responsible
for all these memories
floating at the edge of mind
that I try now to redeem

What is it that you seek to find in me?
if not your own expression
through these hands that blindly type
upon a page that once was white

You're crying out and yet
I can't quite hear
the words that might explain
this mist of agony you bear
yet I see your shadow forming
in a language that becomes a silent plea
that someone, even if just only one
would reach and touch and see
that you are here

Pain! You are so full of pain!
but why . . . ?
Does it hurt so much
to leave this world behind?
or is it that you feel a need
to express the love that bleeds
through your unaltered heart?

because through all the years
of your embodiment
you never could quite find the words
to tell them just how much you cared
or how you would have gladly died
for just a moment of their happiness
so now you come to me
this crazy poet of all dreams
to put to rest this neediness
in words of utter clarity

How great a task you set upon me now!
standing there in silent shadows
yet, in essence, simple nonetheless
for your words flow through my fingertips
and this is what you'd have me say to them
the loved ones that you need to leave
if only for an instant of infinity:

You love, you loved
and still you love
You will love into eternity
but can't you see?
some part of them already knows
and they would gladly help you
to let go of all your many pains
and set you free
for they love you too
with love as true as yours has ever been

So hear them now and cry your tears
all you who would befriend their memory
for they can cry no more
nor heal the heartbreak
that they leave behind
yet once set free
they're free to grace
your every undertaking

and revel now, for them
within the memories
of living, loving times
for they would surely fly away
if only those that chose to stay
were kind enough to give
a last goodbye

and there within all heaven's heights
once they have reached the angels' realm
their love will stream again in healing energy
back to the souls they love the most
and from there again into eternity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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