The Alchemist

He always did his work at night
while ascending moon bulged blue and bright
concocting secret chemistry
in his quiet, lone laboratory.

Brewing bubbling, steaming potion
the heat of flame to keep in motion
from beaker to beaker, dividing, united
the liquid swirled, the heart excited.

This mysterious, hooded chemist-to-be
projected his soul in this alchemy
into boiling liquid, transforming his sight
praying this time that the end would be right.

The flame, the motion, the color, the sound
deep in trance, to the underworld bound
and there in deepest darkness touched
a never-ending mist that clutched

First to the flaming fires of hell
where passions burned and fears were quelled
in cool white flame, the soul did burn
melding together all he had learned.

When deep within this unknown lair
he met with luminous angel fair
to guide him through the labyrinth long
to lead him to the morning’s song.

Within, without inseparable
the music rose by decibel
pouring forth from every place
bringing sunlight’s rays of grace.

The dancing Flames whispered in the mists
of secret source, our ancestry’s gist.
When the Flame, the Form, the Mind, these three
are joined in higher unity
a fourth is born
on first dawn’s morn

And from the four comes the One into being
with mists dispersed, a true clear seeing
born of the stillness of meditation
beyond the bounds of form’s sensation.

Emerging from tunnels spider-webbed
my angel deserted, the dark mist ebbed
in a grey-lit, soundless, empty place
where time stood still in motionless space

No earth, no sky, no moon, no sun
without movement I began to run
no sooner, no later, not near yet not far
I came upon luminous light, like a star

As I focused on this luminescence
I discovered within it a manlike presence
white-haired and wise, in red velvet robed
his deep blue eyes intent, he probed

Sending all of my being to softly tingling
it was as if the two were commingling
soul with soul, mind with mind
form with form, we were combined

and there, on a beautiful, sleek, white mare
rode maiden fair with streaming hair
leading on the multitude
exciting with her vibrant mood

Never met, yet so familiar
I was drawn magnetically closer to her
when suddenly the scene dissolved
my angel returned, I felt absolved

of the burden of hidden emotions locked
within my heart, at last unblocked
light as a feather, I floated along
with my angel beside me I couldn’t go wrong

At the end of the earth, at eternity
we dove in the deep of an infinite sea
with dolphins we played and they guided me
through wondrous worlds of symmetry

In other-world crystal caves
light rays diffused in airy waves
of rainbow colors in spirals and swirls
in softest tints amid the whirls

After minutes or hours, or seconds or years
my vision expanded as ancient seers
at once I knew nothing yet everything
what wonder and wisdom my angel did bring

I felt the essence of life in vibration
heard mighty sounds in deep oration
saw forms created with dense energy
as myriad hues danced enchantingly...

and waking as from a long needed sleep
refreshed as if he’d slumbered deep
again he heard the bubbling sound
of potion moving round and round

He found a treasure, as was foretold
in the very last beaker, a pebble of gold
Though pleased with this outer accomplishment
‘twas the gold in his heart that was heaven-sent

And he knew at last his destiny
to open others eyes to see
the truth of inborn unity,
the joining of quaternity.

? Michaelette ?

 Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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