Alien Nation

Alien and alienated
he walked the streets alone
there within the deep of night
when others found their rest
and at first, it seemed
he truly walked alone

but he had finally discovered
that the power of all others
had no hold within this realm of night
and so he trained his sight to see
forms within the shadows
just at the edge of electricity
crying out to simply once be seen

"Come walk with us awhile"
they said as one
and the forms began
to individuate
within a haze of stardust streaming
through the mighty maze of all that is

"Listen, for we come to tell a tale
of truth within these living waves
of light and life"
and so he walked
to find within his every motion
entities more powerful
than mortal sight could e'er conceive
yet they spoke in gentle voices now
seeking just to be believed as real

"We are of a unity that reaches
far beyond the mortal mind"
and he missed a step
even as his fear was dissipating
into limitless horizons

He reached and then he stretched
far beyond his known capacity
for he would come to know
these ever-living entities
that brought such healing warmth
into the focus of his being
and one particle responded
from within this living wave
prophesying days of great disruption

"We are the source of creativity"
These words resounded and rebounded
absorbing and decreasing all resistance
as he walked within this night that had no end
to find himself right at the edge of form
where other worlds opened out
and alternate realities could be absorbed

and without a glitch, he moved
into the dreamworld where reality
is born within a seeming alien nation
whose meaning lies forever
in the searching and the seeking
to unite with all that is . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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