All Aglitter

All aglitter
starlight streaming through
these patterns of creation
delineating form
within a glowing unity

Sparkling, it shines in nighttime skies
pouring through the best of dreams
as if a silken skein wound round
and through our every tale

while visions born
increase in power
here within the magic hours
of life impending

as dreams become
the pattern of a weave that's spun
becoming each new morning's sun
and every moment in between

and there, that errant thought
what greater mind than ours
must be alive to make it stream
into our dreams of all tomorrows

and so we come to know
the joining of the high and low
as love begun
in eons before time was known
gathers and extends itself

in starlight all aglitter
streaming through us all
as black and white
light up the night
with love


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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