Enveloped in a world of other's making
we feel an awe of terror quaking deep within
as if a geyser were about to spring
releasing undiluted heat
into this sky's inalterable imagining

We seek, sometimes to bleed
this force of life into becoming
and there, one lost and lonely star
pulses in the nighttime skies
as a purity of air and light invades
the moisture in the darkness of this night

as the scent of light
as gentle as a rose
becomes reality
beyond the pose of day
as in a quiver and a shiver
its energy runs up the spine
as an ecstasy divine
supercedes the flow of time
and mind's imagining

while a purity takes hold
of each and every cell
and vision wakens to the light
that only shines in dark of night
as a sense of Dionysian fantasy
implements and supercedes
this insanity that only sanity
can bring to bear

Only now the world becomes
as it was meant to be
a living, loving fantasy
of the meaning found within
the heart of all reality

as beat to beat
and heart to heart
we finally become
the all-enveloping reality
of love . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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