Walking now
upon this path that is my life
gathering the information
that I need
to help me try to understand
and thus become aware
of everything

I spy an alleyway
unnoticed till this moment

yet now, within its shadows
a whispered voice is calling out
softly, gently
seeking to entice
and I find that I must pause
for some unacknowledged part of me
responds in kind

beyond my want or will
yet the greater part of me
bids me stand still
and simply listen
for there is no need to enter there

Listen as these whispers reaching out
intone a melody
that sweetly sings upon the breeze
and swiftly sweeps the alley free
of all debris

Listen, and then feel
these soft vibrations reaching out
to touch and then affect
each one that takes the time
to truly listen

and words begin to form
as this melody becomes a song
that I might come to understand
its very essence
as a part of who I am

a particle within the waves
a point that moves and sometimes sways
changing, ever changing
each time I take the time
to stop and listen

yet even more than this
for the very breath of air
that I breathe in
in turn must be released
and spoken, even sung

for these vibrations
that arise from heart
need to be shared to grow
until growing
they become the whole of life
now just beginning to be form . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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