All of Me

I feel this pain
it seems to build
from deep within
and yet I cannot let
you enter there
no matter that you care
and wish no more
than just to comfort me

for this pain is here
for me to know
and to express
while I know I must
just trust there is a reason
and seek to calm
the inner storms
that bring such pain to bear

For you see, my love
you mean so much to me
that I would never bring
one single particle
of pain to thee
and so I seek to ease
all pain that we might be
this love so all-encompassing
that somehow comes to be
when we are one

and yet I do not know
just how to make this so
for this pain seems anathema
to this love
but love I must
somehow this pain
if e'er I hope to gain
an understanding
of the underlying motive
of all pain

and too I must
just simply learn to trust
that you, my love, do understand
and more than this
for you bring bliss
to even moments born of pain
and so I seek the rain
that remembers every pain
of each September's parting

and know, just then
that all will come to be
these dreams we dream
into reality
for love is here
and we become
more real than stars or sun
have ever hoped to be
for I feel this need supernal
entering eternal fires' flame
and know you feel it too

This feeling is so real
that all becomes
as it was meant to be
for loving you is all of me
right now . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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