All That Is Within

Sometimes I feel
I just can't do it anymore
keep turning dross
into this love of heart
not without an other
as committed as myself
to walk along this long
and often lonely path
of endless feeling

Emotion and sensation
at base, they intermesh
no longer to be found
in one and then another
state of mind
for they are one

while mind and heart -
how did we ever think
they could be kept apart?
within this ever-growing
and becoming whole
that is the soul of all of life

and body and soul
again, just one in truth
divided by divisions
of mere intellect, not mind itself
now seen beyond the findings
of an intellect that stands alone
in isolated observation

Yet this is the mere inception
of a totality of recognition
once we find a way to walk beyond
deep valleys of the fears
composed of mere division
at war with every multiple
through seeming ages
of this blind belief in numbered time

while Libra, in ascendance
demands that we remove
the blindfold once imposed
upon a female form
that sought to balance everything
within the scales of just one truth
for only in equality
can the scales ever balance
and find a heart that beats in truth
right at the core of recognition

Can we equalize all this division?
What will it take, this transposition . . . ?
of the multitude of variation
to come back to the one of all
that lies within
these feelings of a love
and spins the web and weave
into these patterns of all life . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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