All That's In Between

I've been circling
in the opposite direction
of all the clock-like themes
living for a dream
that just might never become real

but at least I speak
of what is real
and that's the way
the world makes me feel

So many people are so focused
on so many other things
making money , power, gain
structures built on fear and guilt
and painful discipline

'tis why they oft' forget
to make the time
to notice all the beauty
going on around them
naturally . . .

sun rising in a mist of pink and gold
on an early winter morn
through frosty changes on a window pane
or setting in the glory
of a hot and steamy summer day
just as the breeze begins to cool it all

ah, but then the spring and fall
of temperate climbs
leaves turning first to green
just waving leisurely
through summer days
then rising to the glory of all color
within a gentle autumn's call

the rise and fall
the peak, the vale
yet love lies in the heart
within these dreams
that only come
of all that's in between...


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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