Almost Savage

There is something almost savage
felt in the misty air tonight
as if an awesome beast of old
were coming back to life
who'd slept for ages in its hidden lair
yet its awakening is imminent

All eyes are raised unto the skies
watchful in their deep imagining
as a glow of golden light
much like the moon at full
seems to descend in utter blasphemy
in search of its identity
within the creativity of one alone

and one mind reaches past the fear
that cages all humanity in what has been
boldly reaching for the source of all that is
deeper now, and wider still
for this descending moon demands
totality within a purge of pre-conceived beliefs
as its golden glow becomes a scarlet circle
impressed within a dream of flesh

as galaxies are made to intermesh
within this misty touch demanding
that the savage and the tame
be made as one . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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