Altered Destiny Repeating

Oh spirit dwelling there
within the shadows of this night
allow me passage in your flights
of utter ecstasy
as you let go of all the used to be
and find your home at last
within a realm of purest being

A life cut oh so short of destiny
that seems to bleed, e'en now
upon the memories of flesh unspoken
lying broken now, somehow
beneath the snowflakes gently falling down
e'er to breathe the mysteries
of life and death
into eternal form

Yet still you seek for meaning, even now
within the shroud of utter being you've become
intending without ending to express
in streams of words of understanding
just what the blessings of this love
that you have come to be
are truly all about
refusing to be put to rest at all

And so I pray, that now you take
these hands of mine
and use them as your own
to complete yet one more poem
about the gentleness that comes
within the dawn of love's awakening
e'en here within these utter realms of being

As I surrender to the greater
power of soul yet once again
and wish no more than you descend
yet one more time into a form
of flesh and blood and this sensation
that speaks beyond all fascination
feeling, always feeling everything
that enters in to flow right through
yet now in altered acronym
as if a hymn of angels' worth
were pouring through the flows
of purest air and dared
to enter here within my inner ear

I hear a sweet and endless music
forming of these waves you bring to me
yet if you seek your altered destiny in me
I must confess, it truly can't be found
for I have found that spirits such as yours
are in need of letting go into the wind
within the greater truth
of the moment of their vast completion
that has come to you
in simply being who you are

While the North wind shrieks and screams
in the story of your great remembering
in majesty and awe of all
that rights of passage must let go
and snowflakes fall revealing all -
the utter beauty of pure silence reigning
within a peace beyond all comprehending
that seeks no more than just
to be itself . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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