Alternate Reality

To discover the impersonal
with and through the personal
as the universe engages
a single particle of light
and brings it into radiant bloom

To see the ancient trees
still standing
swaying in the breeze of long ago
superimposed o'er frames
just newly risen

To know transcendence here
within the feeling realm
when all that once would overwhelm
blends into a harmony
of beauty quite beyond description

Elemental energy
flame that never burns
wind that cleanses everything
flowers whose scent discerns
solid water felt in gentle mists
rising high, into invisibility
at just a touch of sun

The feel of earth
so rich in nutrients
perhaps the basest element of all
Living matter
ancestor of form divine
through which a sweet
unearthly love still shines

yet still we love
so very personally


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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