A Mirror Image

We reflect
and are reflected back
in everything we see
in and out and through
the light of eye
yet what we feel
is so unique and universal
its expression
sometimes seems impossible

while to really come to know ourselves
we must move beyond the make-believe
of these mirrors of the mind's creation
and find a way of unity within the separation
to learn to see both ways at once
for we were never meant
to just divide in half

We were meant to find
the wholeness of the heart
and then to multiply
the love that all true feeling
comes to be
that reflects both ways at once

even as the mirrors dissipate
the many roles and faces
that we used to think
we knew ourselves to be
allowing truth to live and breathe
through these endless days and night
of love's arrival

for we are the particle and wave
even as the mirror turns us inside out
to find each particle a facet
of the waves of multiplicity
that compose all of eternity
in form . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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