A Natural High

Let us love then
in the skies of all tomorrows
projecting even flesh
into the very breath
of spirit life

and come to know each other well
to find that deeper meaning does exist
even here, within a spirit's sigh
and there, within the teardrops
falling as a mist in nighttime skies

Can you hear the breeze
just sigh along with you?
Wondering when love might wander
through these forms of flesh again
to praise and intermesh
the very opposition of all life
as two living, breathing forms
perform in perfect equanimity of motion

turning life into a greater harmony
that sings within the wind
carried by the purity of air
powered by experience
as all we feel arises
reaching for a peak
we've never quite experienced before

and I am again
standing on a mountain peak
anchored to the earth
and flying high with every cloud
while thunder crashes
never quite so distant any more

yet the clouds unfurl about me
as they reach to touch
and then enclose
a purely unadorned
yet deeply meaningful imagination
found truly in the actions we may take
that is mine yet so much more
that ever I alone could e'er conceive

and I feel this natural high
envelope me yet once again
even as I sit here now
upon the plains
to find the peak of all experience
remains within the center
at the heart of who I am

and still, I love
and love begins
to flow so free
that past and future merge
unfurled within the symmetry
of love of life
beyond the strife
of every opposition . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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