Ancient Dream

Ancient and alchemical
this future coming into form
composed of dreams
for eons being spun
by a source beyond
our comprehension

We may never understand
this intimate and universal
core belief of life unfolding
resurrected from an ancient dream
that ever will repeat
(or is it just arising now
as always it has been
and we at last aware?)

This chemistry
beyond combustion
beckoning to heart and soul
as sirens sing their song
upon eternal winds
of chance and synchronicity

stirring within motion
their power of fascination
while we, in adoration
surrender all we used to be
to drift within unending dreams
of life's creation

as chemicals
in incubation for so long
free at last to be
yet one more song
of life's expression


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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