And Her

The beginning of beginnings
gossamer, the threads were strung
softly in the silence of a dream
with just a misty wish that sparkled
through a sullen mood of moisture seeping
deep into this evening's reverie

There blew a summer breeze
yet warmth was not within it
streetlights buzzed, mosquitoes slept
and shadows were the only things
that kept him company
as the moon wove in and out of clouds
too encumbered to be seen

yet still he walked
for nothing else would ease
this sense of an impending dream
not quite yet reality
but lingering in borderlands
so close yet lying just beyond his reach

He could have raged or ranted then
but he knew that sudden surges
of the power of his urges
only served to ruin everything
and so he walked
just walked, no more than that
on and on into the night
seeking for the sight and sound
of her

He turned and headed for the shore
where waves lap into evermore
refusing to be led by thought alone
for an image he once cast in stone
was about to be unveiled
and come to life

Image with a heart so pure
it served to lure him on and on
and there she stood
the whiteness of her dress
just now, within this wind's caress
began to billow
flowing like the waves yet flying high
like clouds that form
an ever-changing tapestry
within a wind-swept summer sky

He froze for just a moment
enthralled by just a vision
and noted how an image
serves to alter everything

A flutter then, a tone
of momentary mere vibration
awakened all within this scene
as she turned to look at him
and there within her eyes
glowed all the stars within the skies
with planets in their orbits
circling round an amplitude
of endless space

there within an imaged grace
and her . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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