A New Myth

Let us create a new myth, Beloved
archetypal in its power at the core
one in which no fear can play a part
It must start then, with Love
and be lived, thus in Love
as we walk down a path
where we choose every step
of our way

Ours alone is the choice to say yeah or nay
Ours alone is a voice that must speak
these loving words of heart and more
In peaceful, private places
beyond all prying eyes
or in a burning sphere of light
that shines up in the skies
like sun and moon and stars in harmony

Let us begin with attraction
at spiritual heights
where we seek no more than just to be
at one with all that comes to be
this Love alive in you and I
and let Love lead us on

Let us speak, at first just timidly
but always in this utter honesty
and learn to listen tenderly
for the tone of more than words can say
as we reach for phrases always meant to be
pure essence of this love we feel right now

Slowly then, two hearts will open up
in innocence and a slight feel
of vulnerability, and that's ok
for we walk now hand in hand
beyond all fear
as if it never did exist
allowing time for childlike interplay
for questioning and curiosity
for wonder and for awe to enter here

Let us touch then
beginning in a Loving innocence
as hand meets hand and face and hair
and slowly draws us near to that first kiss
while this one kiss becomes
an everlasting entity
and we Love's vehicle of motion

Let us walk then down a path
where wild grasses dance within the wind
hand in hand, and share our secrets
whispering, and laughing
touching and surpassing all we knew
safe within this Land of Love we co-create
as this, Love's chosen myth
is lived through us . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
Background by:  Fascination
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