Angel's Healing

As the dream is shattered, broken, dying
I see the angels swiftly flying
o'er realms of possibility
to mend the chasm's cruelty

one lone and lonely prayer will form
that in this healing, love's reborn
beyond the games of human making
death-defying, mountain shaking

within the depth of earth now striving
to see the new dawn now arriving
where love untainted will allow
the sacredness of holy vow

to love throughout eternity
and thus become infinity…
God sent truth when dream arose
of true love lying in repose

within the safety of the arms
of earth and sky, now safe from harm

A love worth fighting for and more
an ancient, newly-opened door
 that beckons all to enter here
fear to courage, we endure

the loss of everything we've known
to find the warmth of our true home

Copyright 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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