Angel in Black

There upon the vast horizon,
a shadow drifts unspoken with the wind;
angelically, it glides in cloudy skies
against the currents of pure white,
that seek to speak of mists yet undefined
at heights that as of yet will not allow
a single breath of air to be revealed;
as the magic of all form receives just this,
one angel dressed in black of night
that takes the light and moves it into form,
lamenting every loss of deep significance
that bleeds into the dreams of sleeping night.

Yet this angel is drawn down to form
in particles, composing cells of flesh, of blood,
of life that lives itself complete
within the total reach of each experience;
blending, changing, rearranging
mists of white into the endless hues
created by a single diadem
that dares to open to a moving ray of light;
and oh, the sight, the sound, the scent
the touch of each experience
that opens to the known of incandescence
begun within one darkened form
that dared the dawn to take a mighty leap
into creation.

As one angel in black
keeps its eyes turned inside,
and weeps in raindrops gently falling free
that find their way into our altered hearts
to sing in streams of fantasy
and love this endless tapestry to life . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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