Angel in the Snow

Free spirit calling in the wind
come down and dance with me today
for I have heard you whispering
of mysteries unfolding within thee
in other worlds, invisible to mortal eyes
as if held within a veil of secrecy

I almost see you there
in those white and fluffy flakes of snow
that seem to be eternity in motion
playing with this atmosphere
warming e'en the chill of winter wind
within your heart of glowing gold

Sweet memories of days gone by
drift down upon a tide of sorrow
in longing for a time and place
that seems to be no more
when your precious nature danced and played
and lay to make those angels in the snow
yet even here, right now
within the silence of this utter fall
of crystallizing moisture in the air

the healing of your love streams through
accompanied by all that you would do
if only you were here again in flesh
yet still, your spirit lives and breathes
somehow within each breeze, each sight
and here within this scent of utter clarity
bringing light and life and love
to places that it's never been before

I see your future now
within this mist of white unfolding
while somehow a greater knowing
gently eases all the emptiness
the sense of death may bring
uniting here and now with everything

and then I hear your voice again
so simply, sweetly telling me,
"Mama, I will always be
your angel in the snow . . . "


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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