Angel Wings

I look out at the world
and I wonder why it is
that mankind seems so far away
from all that is most natural
when all we are and can become
is rooted in this earth
that we run from

I feel as if I am adrift
perhaps somewhere in cyberspace
where nothing seems quite real
except a feel of floating free
unattached and unsupported
as if this flesh had been aborted
by divisions of an altered state of mind

for everything I am is opening out
into a maze of ever-living flame
cool fire that simply burns its way
through me and everything
connecting and dissecting forms
twirling, spinning, moving on
to take me to the point of no return

yet just as all reality begins to fall
a surety of angels' wings are there
and translucent incandescence
whitely steals into the dark
to save me from the brink
of all disaster

and I drift through all existence
not quite knowing anything
except the feel of angels' wings
and thee . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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