Animal Nature

At times a sense of peace and harmony
imbibes the atmosphere of all that is instinctual
and yet this harmony remains unknown
to worlds of man and mind
for we remember all too well
the rage that dwells
so deep within these forms

as we reach so deep that history reveals itself
in more than just a tome
for reality still roams through all we are
when nature must demand we pay attention
in storms that break within
sometimes demonic daemons' dens
and too often leave disaster
in the wake of chaos now become reality

when nighttime falls so hard
we cannot seem to hold a course
within the darkness
that indwells in all of being
yet still, one star, so softly beaming
shows us that the morning must arise

and so we sleep in wisdom of a dream
that brings a new tomorrow to
the hope and wish of all we do
loving, ever loving
just a seed of fantasy
nurtured in the purity
of animated dreams . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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