An Open Heart

The feeling behind words
can fade at times with time
altered beyond recognition
by the changing heart of one
who first spoke them as if true

yet what is love
if not the heart behind it?

and love as emotion
must move and live and breathe
to be just what it is
just as faith must be renewed
within and by the life we live
moment by moment, here and now
or it becomes no more than habit
or an early morning theme

and what is love
if not the motion of a heart?

yet still we dream beneath the starlit skies
beyond the alibis of our contentions
and love flows through all that is open
and honest and true
just as it flows from me to you
and back again

and what is love
if not the heart that needs…?

a friend who dares to care
in moments when
communication deepens
diving through the labyrinths within
and with a swirl and a spin
love pierces heart
creating movement
that at once the soul may stream
within the motion of the dream
of life again

for what is love
if not the movement
of a heartbeat that rings true?


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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