Another Level

Another level reaching out
to touch, to feel, to be -
within these arms of utter ecstasy;
opening and entering,
redeeming as it pleases every sense,
as words become a paralipsis
that can only touch the edge
of love's experience.

We sense, we feel, we reel -
at dizzy heights of newborn flight
as love uplifts us in totality;
a form, a face,
oh, living grace that streams
through channels just discovered,
recovering a higher innocence
that knows emotive energy can dance.

Sparkling energy divine
that reaches through all time,
rediscovering the source of life itself;
primal, in great need of its survival;
heavenly, as glimmering seeds
of stardust falling up into our dreams,
to speak of altered clarity that flows
from one unto another to the whole.

Then back again, it swirls and spins
in artistry that seems mysterious,
yet melds and blends its innocence
within a flame that never ends,
still dancing through eternal streams
of ever-changing form;
as another level enters in
to the known of this
experience of life . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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