Another Revelation

A god enters in -
tongue of silk upon her breast
feasting eyes upon
her golden tresses
falling endlessly into
her mystery
of utter femininity;

And she succumbs
to the glory of his charms
trusting all he brings to her
e'en as she floats beyond the stars,
becoming moon within a sense
of essence of reflected hues of light;

While silver-white, his spirit streams
through everything she is,
sparkling in a syzygy
that swirls and blends
yet mends the mood of vast totality;
bringing change that means
all stays the same, but now enhanced.

All because we chanced a dance
within the arms of all divinity
awakening to moonbeam's dreams
descending through the indigo
of uttered time and inner space
to find a place beyond all limitation;

for a god enters in
and divinity spins
yet another revelation
within this feel
of love's infinity , , ,


Revised 8/2/2001
Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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