A Perfect Whole

My soul:
perfectly whole
and perfectly me
as each facet is revealed
but by no means perfect
by man's definition

yet every man I meet
seems to expect
that rather than be me
instead that I must be
his own definition
of perfection
and this I cannot be

In seeking his own soul
he sees the whole
of who he is in me
and then begins
to impose his inner
images on me

and once imposed
he believes that all he sees
and even feels
must begin and end in me
Is it any wonder then
that battles begin
that seem to tear us
both apart?

In some ways
this is a natural phenomenon
but the time must come
that we be made aware
of other souls that shine
beyond the mirror of our own
that the form and the flesh
of another may become
a dual path to ecstasy

for I am I
and you are you
and we meet in many ways
on many planes of existence

We may even reach a point
where we experience
ourselves as all of existence
when we become
one moment of eternity
yet still

when all is said and done
still I am I
and you are you
and we must love
the very difference
and uniqueness that entails

if ever we would love
to its completion . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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