She is born of water
into the purity of air
as her moisture mixes
with the light of day
and feels the flows of air
she glides upon
seeking for the sun
to bring his warmth to bear
and shine right through
this glory of creation ever flowing

But no one dared to ask before
of the source of her conception
for her source lives deep
in multi-colored hues of living light
and gathers in these ever changing hues
every mood of the cerulean sea
and so her tale goes and grows
in the truth of living myths in evolution

There within the deep
the powers of creation incubated
drawing light from heights above
secreted in a castle
all aglow with golden light
'twas there she was conceived
at first no more
than just an image in a dream
of Poseidon's great imagination

He moved and gathered in
all the colors of the living sun
that streamed in rays of glory
through it all
and sought a pattern to create
that might express in its entirety
all the love of life he felt
and he discovered her
there, within his heart
already formed
by all the colors of the dawn

She had a magic
and mysterious power
that nearly drove him mad
and he expressed his rage
in waves that crashed upon the shore
but this magic wanted
more of him than that
for it would have him feel his way
into creation

He withdrew then
to his timeless place
where the tides were his to rule
and sought the slowly moving
ever-changing blues of ocean waves
that were his silence and his strength
while contemplating all of this
yet still desiring the bliss
of her creation

It was there
within the might that he commanded
that he discovered just a seed of mortal fear
and as he contemplated
he began to realize the fear
of all mortality
and felt their need
their want, desire
to attain the realms of the immortal
that he seemed to have achieved

and so he searched within himself
and realized this seed of fear
was somehow his creation too
and so he came to know himself
as he began to understand
the plight of man
that arose from his great oceans
at the tone of his command

Seeking now, he came to know
the path of evolution's growth
beyond the depth of his creation
as he took the strength
of tides of Time
reversing them
within the ebb and flow
and then the undertow
to retrieve the bits and pieces of himself
that led to this illusion
of the greatest misconception of them all

He searched and then accepted
his own seed into himself
from the shore back to the sea
that gives and then receives
the many splendors of the deep
for he sought a liberation
of all fear

and more and more he realized
as time unfolded and imploded
the treasure trove of endless history
that lay within the mystery of her
and she arose again within his mind
even as the heartbeat of the earth itself
resounded through his being

strong and steady
rhythmic and astounding
somehow it seemed
to ring through everything
and rise from depths
that even he had yet discovered

'twas then that he descended
reaching for the womb of all creation
desiring no more than just a touch
of recognition of his worth
for he had served her through eternity
and needed nothing more or less
than the unconditioned bliss
that rose in waves
through time and space
creating love where e'er she touched
and he knew this love as healing
his gift and his reward
for service rendered

yet more than even this
her love became the everything
that he had always sought
as she moved in pleasure's undulation
to please and to appease
as she returned his adoration
and then she came - full circle
waves pouring o'er
the unknown shores
of her creation

to leave her treasured gifts
harvested from depths
that lie beyond the human eye to see
and she breathed
in tones of gold
with an airy silver mix
as her breathe became the air
in which he breathed

even as his eyes became the eyes
of all the world
while he drank her nectar
that becomes the only true elixir
of life's immortality
found within the moisture of her flesh
as she blesses all the world
with the pleasure and the flow
of all her love

Gently now, and slowly growing
from the deeper realms of all creation
he learned of birth
by giving birth to form itself
becoming one complete
in this image that the heights
and depths of life had spun in him

and Aphrodite rose
becoming form and formed
and thus created of pure love
as all the colors of the sun
moved through the depths
of earth's creation
to ascend and then to recreate
the motion of the bliss
of her conception

Just there it was
within the stillness of her satiation
that he found the liberation
of the center of all life
and he contrived a pearly shell
that she might ride upon his tides
and never have to dwell again
within his depth of darkness
for he wanted all the world
to seek, to speak, to feel
the vibratory tones
of the unity that lay beneath
and thus behind each separation

and she rose then
and commanded her own form
to speak of ecstasy
as he guided her to reach
for the shores of paradise unfolding
seeking to experience
the awareness only mortal flesh
can bring to birth

And to this day
as she arises and descends
the gift of all creation still expands
and time just fades right out of sight
as Aphrodite takes the light
and weaves it into tapestries
of sensuous delight

O'er the seas, in joy of foam
she drinks in air while standing there
upon a pearly shell
guided by reality
and the hands of great Poseidon
who rises from the deep
to deliver this
his greatest masterpiece
to an island paradise

where love and light and laughter
reside in days of ever after
creating such an atmosphere of joy
that men are drawn unto its shores
battling the raging seas
just to have a moment
of the true experience
of the ecstasy of love's embrace
within the arms of Aphrodite
who claims this flesh of form
to be her own
alive and flowing through
the very essence of
the immortality of love
that sings through all creation

Can you hear her now. . . ?
and feel her vibratory tones
as seductive siren voices whisper
of the paradise that they create
in unity of endless motion
within, upon and through
those endless seas
that cry aloud now
in tone and form of his discovery

teasing and enticing
humanity to seek the depth and height
to find the source of her allure
and yet her flesh cannot endure
the mighty pressures of Poseidon's depths
and so they drift and roam
by guidance of the stars and moon
and seek to find a way
back to this embrace of loving arms

for she is risen now
and ever rising
from the very depths of his despair
to love and live within the light
of every day and night
that seeks complete and utter unity
as still she seeks the touch
of his completion

She is his very soul
the soul of life itself
the mystery that lies
within the heart of living matter
and she arises now
to greet him in this flesh
of form unbound

while between them
they regenerate
the very form of life itself
and she, too, stil seeks
no more, no less
than the feeling of the timeless bliss
of all creation
that only union can achieve
but now in all awareness of his touch

She awaits him now
and longs for just a seed
that might contain and be contained
in the beauty of a flower just unfolding
while responding to the loving warmth
of great Apollo's light
seeking to express just this
the glory of creation
at last become aware
of life itself

and fawns still gather round her
all atremble with anticipation of her touch
even as she gains the safety and the surety
of the mighty stag at rest
for she would know a man
full grown or not at all

a man that's strong enough
to travel through the waters
that he fears
even while he reaches for the stars
of Apollo's true reflection
that he might come to her
totally alive and full of love

for the wisdom of all hearts
speaks through her now
and teaches life that mystery
is nothing to be feared
but rather needs
the true embrace
of love

the source of bliss
that lies within each heart
living still and beating
in the slow and steady rush
of blood that streams
rose-tinted dreams
now unafraid to grow
into completion . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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