Archetypal Paradox

And lo,
the god becomes mere human form
the numinous illusion disappears
as hopes and dreams of love evaporate
like mists
when dawn becomes the height of day

and for the first time
I saw you as you truly were:
confused, depressed with animosity
How is it
that the high becomes so low
the fiery spirit now a dampened glow

and love, once so alive
evades my heart
I feel the endless measure of your pain
and know the time has come for me to leave
else all that I have been
will never again return to me

I need a place where love can multiply
to stop this endless waste of empathy
on one who only cares for what has been
and never sees the good in what will be

I know the depths of lifeís experience
Iíve felt the height that must be ecstasy
Iíve balanced on the razor's edge
and seen both sides in one expanse
and know
the part of you that toppled me...

all of us contain the opposites
Why is it that you chose to be the villain
when with me...?

They say a soul must feel secure
to dare to hate its lover
yet I prefer another view
as one becomes the other

To hold them both up to the light
the villain and the hero
transcending opposites contained
To learn to love each facet of the jewel
and thus, to let the miracle be born...

? Michaelette ?

Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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