Archetypal Family

Family - what does it mean?
beneath the duty held to be
underlying every known society

The gods themselves related thus
from Hera, gentle warmth of home
to thundering Zeus with bolts of lightning
thrown into the mix
and Isis and Osiris of Egyptian myth
who deign to roam at times
down to the underworld designs
of Hades, ever reaching out
for more of life

Mother Church, a Father God
siblings all to one great form
creating tales of spiritual truth
that from our youth
we might find meaning
to keep us traveling upon
a path so long and winding
that even mighty deities
can't seem to see its end

yet Jesus said
"Come follow me"
and told them all
to leave behind
the very family
that gave them birth
to be with Him

Strange, the paradox
of myths cast long ago
that slowly lose their hold
as they forget their roots
of mystery's regeneration
and men and martyrs try to make
these myths of soul into reality

While in reality
the power of the myth
will fade and blend
into the background
of the wind-whipped sand
as scorching heat burns out
the hope of its fecundity

Yet what is family
if not the myth
that all our lives
are built upon?

while in our modern culture
more and more we see and know
these families of ours
that break apart
and seem to take
a piece of heart with them
until we're left to start
all over once again
just when
we think we've found a way
to live each night and day
as a solitary individual

when once again this jewel
rises from the deep of sleep
and we discover all we need to be
is held within the heart
of every member of our family

How then to mend
the damage done?
and more than this
for how will we relate
now that we're past the state
of childhood imagining?

now that we have come
around the bend
to find the ends still meet
and their reunion
forms a glowing sphere
that draws us near
to love again . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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