Around the Moon

Around the moon and back again
we travel to the dark side of the light
to fly through endless shadows
of pain and then delight
while pulsing, just beyond the bend
a starlit glow awaits each new arrival

light shining so incredibly
it reaches 'cross the eons
touching gently, everywhere
in intimate yet timeless tones
of pure and utter harmony

and oh, the feel, the sound
the sight and scent of flight's vibration
while curvature of orb, seductive
n widening arc of cyclic spin
draws all that is without
so deep within
that atoms in their constant spin
will pause in awe and wonderment

for waiting there, in darkness
on the far side of the moon
lies every seed awaiting
essence to become a living form
within this light and life of motion
as spirit is again reborn


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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