Of Dreams and Love

The very best that we can be
lies within a heart that's free

 Just One Other
 Destination Unknown
 The Center
 Quiet Echoes
 Within the Stream
 Point of Perfect Balance
 Touch of Eternity
The Flame
 Love Is
Secret Moments
One Kiss
 The First Time
 Touch of Awe 
 To Touch Again
 First Love
Eternal Balance
 One More Dance
Love's Energy
  Believe in Love
Enchanted Evening
 To Build the World Anew
 Sacred Trust
 The Dance
  Is There a Difference...?
 Eye to Eye
 Work in Process
To Be Again
A Friend, in Truth
 Soul to Soul
 Summer Nights
Only Now

 It Is Time
 For Love
Reality in Form
 The Greater Scheme
 One Within Infinity
 One Eternal Love
 Sleepy Eyes
 Sweet Mystery
Love's Moment
 Flame of Being
 Love of Life
What If...?
Without You
Toward a New Beginning
 Flowing Free
Infinite Dance
 Love's Rebirth
 Poignant Moment
 The Vow
Lasting Relations
Moment of Eternity
 Missing You
  Just a Friend
 Is Love Enough...?
 If Only
 Bond of Spirit
 Youthful Dreams
 An Ending
   Where are you...?

 So Very Near
 To Dream Reality
 Eternal Grace
 Light's Reality
 Totality of One
 In the Silence
 The First Gift
 Life Is a Song
Nature's Wild
 Never Known
Infinite Reality
 Star Light
Turning Point
Illusive Fantasy
 Becoming One
 Hand in Hand
 The Call
  Yet Once More
 Forbidden Fruit
 Archetypal Paradox
 And So I Wait
 Seeking Home
 Energy Released
 The Dream
 Summer Lands
 Celestial Melody
 Mystic Union
 The Autumn of Life
 Love So Free
 The Test of Time
Picture Perfect
Reality of Form

 Take Me Home...
Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved