Artistically Enhanced

Artistic nature, driving me
beyond all limitation,
reaching for the starlit heights
of pure imagining,
where flying free means everything
each time you fly with me
through skies of indigo unfolding in
the brightest shades of sun that spins
a tale told again from out of time.

And space becomes mere increments
of moving grace, where angels' pace,
awaiting nothing more than mere remembrance
within a dawn of pure awakening,
where beauty dwells to tell a tale
of vast deliverance
into this known reality.

That takes each thing we've separated,
blending, weaving an eternal tapestry
within a gust of wind that blows
with waves that crash into the shores
we thought were only made of sand and stone;
wearing, tearing down defensive walls
to rise and then to fall again into the sky.

Where opened hands can reach
and simply touch the reason why
we live, we love, we find
the purest moments of a life that's truly lived
in every moment of each new experience,
that seeks no more than just to know itself
within, throughout, emerging from
a height of depth that come
to meet and greet each other;

Artistically enhanced, yet naturally
within a rhythm and a beat so sweet
that gods and goddesses divine
the reason of all space and time
within these forms of living grace
that seek no more than immortality...


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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