What about dad?
the one who was supposed to protect us
from all that pain
Why is it that we never put the blame
or even just responsibility
where it belongs?

for he's really done it wrong
for all these years
as he lived in constant fear
of the anger that he should have felt
but dumped on us instead

and a dizziness washed over me
as I let the anger go
for it was never mine to have and hold
at all

and then the numbness melts
like a winter ice
that kept us from the truth
of the pain and rage of youth
imposed by him

while yet again
we blamed the feminine
for that was safer by far
than to face the rage within

and so it goes
until we grow
into ourselves

There are those who speak of paradise
as a place without anger
while the driving power of rage
awakens, stage by stage
the fire within

and as the fire ascends
the power that will bring
our every waking dream
is born into reality

Can it really be
that love is also anger
that's been tendered by the light
of all we are...?

and the sun breaks through
the dark and angry clouds
even as the raindrops fall
in sweet relief

while the world is rearranged
and we feel a sweet
and lasting peace ascend


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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