Within the night, she hears a whispered voice
He tells her "I have made my choice"
He says to her "I must be free"
to live, to grow, to be"

and he rises, turns his back, and walks away

He wasn't what she needed
no matter how he wished to be
for society impeded
the flow of love's eternity

and she did not have the strength to break the chains
nor the fortitude to face the awesome pain
of death, that new life might be born
for her spirit had not become form

not yet...

While he wondered what it was that he'd done wrong
for he'd loved and honored, cherished and been strong
He'd searched inside himself to find
the key to joining heart and mind

but just as this dream, almost reality
was near its birth, the soul in all its infamy
came clear
and he felt her every fear

as the clearest note chimed through him
and he knew he must begin again
He must let go, he must allow
but oh, the pain of lone tomorrow

as he found himself within the underworld
for Zeus the mighty Thunderer had hurled
a streak of light that found its mark
and then began the fearsome dark

night of the soul

yet now, within his heart, he knew
the feel of love that's true
and daring death, he dove
with open heart he strove

to make it right
so that even in his darkest night
his faith in true love never faltered
and he placed himself upon the altar

to face his own dismemberment
while God and Goddess sent
and angel fair
to guide him to the stair

of his ascent...


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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