As He Ascends

He, the only one I touch this way
He never falters in his love for me
He, that sees me magically
through all the shattered mirrors
and knows the many moods
that I embrace

and still, he comes to me
within a moment's mystery
gently cupping femininity
as if a hummingbird had come
to land within his hand and sing
the joy that only love can bring to be

lightly stroking feathery strings
that beat my heart in tempo's tempest
as his passion rises up to meet
that intimate and special place
that waits for only he
and he alone

and he rises to each crest with me
sliding slowly down the slopes
to meet each hill and mountain
that is there to be attained
and then just glides
right to the other side with me

There is magic-in-the-making here
in the pleasure of this trembling
and this shaking
while scintillating waves of passion
wash through us, as flesh to flesh
we move in undulating waves
of passion's power

in this, an hour of momentary bliss
that lies beyond all time and space
and comes to interlace with all that is
begun with just one vision
built within the clarity of souls
becoming this reality
in the feel of flesh on flesh
as he ascends . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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