Ask Her

Ask her, as you stand in awe
of her loving gentleness
and the grace of words
that flow upon the page
from her two hands
what price she's paid
that others think her so
and what it takes
to keep this flow
just moving on

Ask her if she hears their souls
as they plead for just one other
that would hear
and then express
the pain they feel
the pain made real
by the repression and denial
of emotions they were taught
were never good enough
to simply be

Ask her if she knows
of all the credit
that they took from her
to appease the jealousy
they truly felt
as they raised weapons
to destroy the very beauty
she created

Ask her if she feels the pain
that remains inside
from the damage caused
by an inrush of mighty emotion
that does not begin
and can never end
with her alone

Ask her, too
if loneliness invades
the quiet nights
when all alone, she lies
within a bed that's made
for two

and don't forget to ask her
if she knows the feel
of being you
at times much better
than you know yourself

but beware
for if she answers true
the you of you
will never be the same again . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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