As Love Grows

When once you touch another's heart
you can never be alone again...

 Touch of Mystery
 Sweet Release
 Hear the Call
 To Wait
 My Path
 Healing Dreams
 Beyond the Norm
 Awesome Unity
 Who We Are
 Breath of Eternity
 Just Fly
 Love's Revolution
 Love Speaking
 Angels Sing
 Within a Kiss
 Beauty's Pose
 One Path
 Time Away
 Free Flowing
 Prayer of Love
 Eternity Is Won
 You Cried
 You Are
 Still Shining Bright
 Ardent Kiss
 Moment of Completion
 Love's Infinity
 Gently Now
 Because of You
 Within Your Eyes
 Born Again of Thee
 A Morning Chill
 Mystic Meeting
The All and Every Thing
 The Night So Free
Passion Born
 The Flow of Life
To Walk in Nature
A Dream
This Dance
Love Creating
 Always Be
Love Made Real
 Free to Be
 We Need
 A Way
 Illusive Bridge
 Just the Start
 Waking Dreams
 To Start Again
 Day of Independence
 Base of Fear
 Through and Through
 Universal Tides
 Your Eyes
 Dream Into Tomorrow
 Only Days
 Wings of Time
 I Hold You
 Healing Relationship
 Beyond Measure
Passion Flows
Within Devotion
 Dream Come True
 All I Ever Want
 Come, At Last
 Kaleidoscope of Feelings
To Give and To Receive
 Downward Spiral
Alive with Love
 I Come to You
We Fly Away
Adrift Upon a Cloud
 Canvas of Eternity
 Alchemical Flow
Synergy of Life
Illusive Lover
 Pain and Glory
 All Night Long
 Prism of the Soul
 Essence of Light
 Flow of Creation
So Simple and So True
 Way Back Home
 Baby's Breathe
 Core of Change
 To Share
 Ever Changing Axiom
 Flight of Form
 Flowing Free
 What We Know As Real
 Tapestry of Time
 First Encounter
 Atmoshpheric Pressure
 Step into Eternity
 Endless Possibilities
 Sky of Mind
 Here and Gone
 Why I Am
 Trust of Knowing
 Heart of Soul
 Soft and Gentle
 Your Voice
 Rising Passion
Period of Adjustment
Love Sublime
Spirit Voice
Spirit's Kiss
 Love Blooms
Heart's Desire
 Of Love
 Beyond the Fear
 Love Lives On
Feel of Flight
 Passion Growing
 Sense of Ecstasy
 Coming Together
 Another Dawn

 Take Me Home...
Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved