As Only One

Geodesic, these pure moments
of this creativity
expanding out to reach beyond
the borders of all known
and once unknown sheer borders
of all possibility

Triangular, these forms
that build themselves
in our imagination
then seek to join
thus three with three with three
to form a pyramid
that must somehow contain
the fourth of all that's come before
in base and basic power

Let us allow this source of being
to expand
and to encompass everything
that was ever known before
while on this base
now let us build
a startling new
yet ever meant to be

Intrinsic and debilitating
these feelings that keep streaming
through the systems of our being
where not giving up nor giving out
was ever meant to be
but only this
one moment of pure bliss
when the all and everything
receives itself again
into one form

Expanding and contracting
insisting on its birth within
these realms of utter being
where senses and sensation lead
with greater understanding
back into the very source
of their creation

Geodesic and yet more
as we explore these shores
of oceanic waves that bring
these forms right back
to all that is becoming more
and more again

For we must reach
with all our might
to become its future form
from three to four and on into
this centered point
where five and more
begin again
as only one can do . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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