A Specter

I look for just a touch
of your sweet love
to see me through
yet each time I reach
to touch your heart
I feel a presence
as if of some impending doom

for a specter roams the night
standing guard upon
the one I love
ghostly yet quite real
inimically defending
what it thinks must be
no more than just
its property

and so I grieve
even as you sleep
so soundly and so sweet
dreaming dreams of us
that this specter of the night
just gobbles up
ingesting all that we once held
as fate and destiny

yet I cannot fight
this specter off alone
nor confront in form
a person that
I've never even known

and so I roam
the lonely corridors of night
that seem no more than labyrinths
that twist and turn
and take me far away
from every dream
we ever dreamed into reality

while still you sleep
somehow completely unaware
of what transpires now
and I wonder if you'll ever realize
how this specter in the night
affects each day
you spend away from me. . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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