A Summer Day

Here within the song of morn
all life awakens
now reborn in melodies
of sunlight streaming down
as dewdrops open
to receive the light
in prismatic morning splendor
that heralds ending of the night
within each new beginning of a day

Warmth is building fast
for summer's here at last
the sweet green smell of new mown grass
is rising with the wind
permeating everything
with peaceful grace
of halcyon and lazy days
when just existence
seems to be enough

and heaven can be found
sitting here, beneath a tree
to be and breathe the hazy breeze
and watch light dancing hazily
upon the pond
as ripples move the moisture
in and out and all around
while birdsong breaks the silent sound
of nothingness within a mind
that seeks no more than peace

'Tis here that we can find
the answer to each question asked
in times of mind's meandering
as a goldfish glides right by
in this stream of dreams
recalling the sweet mystery
of childhood days
when all the world was ours
to play in tune

So sleep now
drifting in this dream
and revel in remembering
to come to understand
the child in our heart
will always be the same
its innocence untamed
and flying free

and come to know eternity
within a moment's grace
as sunlight sinks in depth
just when the height
of all imagining begins . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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