At Last in Unity

Once the god has entered in
you can be sure
the goddess will arise in all her majesty
for here upon the springtime breeze
a scent arises
honeysuckle, jasmine, rose
a whiff of all the green and growing things
and the heady scent of pure, wet earth
in alchemy of worth that's born
within this world evolving

while in the nighttime skies
that star is falling
and falling for a reason
with purpose and a destination
seeking to become just one of us

and he touches her at last
for the past has fled
and future waits expectantly
in the distance that is in between
the here and there
of past and future's flair

for need arises once again
no more content to be a seed
buried in the memories
or unformed possibilities
that never seem to gain
the sense of flesh

the rain has come and gone
gray skies are luminous
within the setting sun
as the stars prepare
for yet another night
of light's ascendance

for o'er the endless seas
and touching mountains reaching out
even on the plains that seem so tame
they, too, can sense the miracle
about to come to be
as god and goddess intermesh
at last in unity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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