Atmospheric Pressure

They would keep me here
at their beck and call
those who claim to care
with no regard
for my isolation

no thought
for the loneliness I live here
and in their self-concern
they do all they can
to ruin my chances of happiness

and this they call love

How sad
the state of our relationships
when they would keep us wrapped
in a misery that's known
for fear of the unknown tomorrow

rather than venture into
the joy and fulfillment
that only love can bring
and love means change

that they would use the love
we have for them
to pressure us into
their preconceived model
of what they think we ought to be

Can we get beyond even this, my love?
Beyond the atmospheric pressure
of all we know and care about

In breaking free
in reaching out
can we show them
how love really ought to be…?

self-enclosed while flowing free
from heart to heart
beyond the start
of past's demise


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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